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Born in Hawaii in 1962, Patrick Ching has spent a lifetime teaching people about nature through his art. 

His most influential artistic mentors were the late Herb Kawainui Kane, and surrealist painter John Pitre.


After volunteering for many wildlife organizations Patrick eventually became a ranger for the US Fish and Wildlife Service at the Kīlauea Lighthouse National Wildlife Refuge on Kaua‘i. He also lived for extended periods of time among sea turtles and monk seals on the remote North Western Hawaiian Islands.


In addition to being an artist, Patrick has authored many award winning books including Sea Turtles of Hawaii, The Hawaiian Monk Seal, Honu and Hina. 


Patrick now travels internationally doing art projects, painting workshops, and live painting shows to raise money and awareness for various wildlife organizations. 


He is the producer and host of “Painting In Paradise” a family art and nature TV show that runs daily on Spectrum OC16 TV.


“My mission in life is to teach people about nature through art, and in doing so make the world a more beautiful place.”