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Liedeke Bulder Portfolio

Liedeke Bulder

Liedke Bulder

Being Dutch, I come from a strong graphic tradition. I love the immediacy of drawing. I will use a variety of media depending on the subject, feeling and expression I want to convey. I like using bistre pigment, a pigment made from the soot of burned walnut shells. Since this material was also used by the European Old Masters of the 15th-18th centuries and still is in some of the art academies in Europe today, I feel connected to my past in a special way. The memento mori of soot, it’s color of earth and dirt often fit the intention in my work.


My process is very tactile and transient: laying down bistre washes, drawing, taking away, lifting out, layering again, I become one with the piece, grounded in earth, searching for higher meaning...

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