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Steve Hashi Portfolio

Steve Hashi

Steve Hashi Profile

Steve’s work has often been described as “Exquisite, amazing, impressive and show stopping”. These kind words have been used by art gallery patrons to describe Steve’s stained glass mosaic surfboard art. His works depicts some of his favorite subject matters: surfing, waves, the ocean and the various creatures that call the ocean home.


As an avid surfer since 1968, and a professional tile setter for 30 years it wasn’t a fall leap to start setting glass tile on surfboards, and the results speak for themselves. Immediately, upon starting to work with glass and mirror, Steve was taken with the sparkle and reflectivity of this exciting medium. He was hooked! Because of the reflectivity, the pieces “move” as the viewer moves.


More recently Steve has been doing work with epoxy resin, which has many of the same characteristics as glass. Similar to glass, the sparkling clear resin art is the perfect medium to capture Steve’s favorite subject, water.


Steve’s work has been shipped throughout the US mainland, Hawaii and Australia. Commission requests are welcome.

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