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Love is in the Air

Hashi's Fine Art Gallery has just came to the close of our first Valentine's Day Sale and we are so grateful to all our new clients who participated. We hope you will will enjoy your new art as much as we enjoyed creating it.

Navigating the line between artist creativity and business price points is difficult for the artist.

Most artists who create art are not all about the price, but more about the final destination of the work. We think about who will get to enjoy the story, and how the memory, will impact their daily lives.

Still, we were very hesitant about having a sale on art, and that it would in some way devalue the work, but just the opposite happened to us. Our clients who purchased, are collectors of original art, and the discount was just what they needed to justify their purchase. For that reason we were happy to spread the LOVE of art.

Now we are off to create more "love" the fill our Gallery walls.

Mahalo for making our dreams become reality. We are truly blessed.

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