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Ahhh, Springtime in Hanapepe

This beautiful Kauai Spring brings the Re-Opening of Hashi's Fine Art Gallery.

Here it is Spring of 2021 and all of us have stories of sacrifice, as well as inspirational event that have moved us over the past year. As I write this, the positive news is that the Covid wave is receding, in the US. This largely in part to the vaccines that are being widely distributed here. Our hopes and prayers going to areas of the world that are not so lucky.

Like many many businesses around the world our humble, but dynamic little gallery, has been in hibernation. The lack of visitors, due to travel restrictions, being the most obvious cause of this closure. The Kauai announcement of relaxing travel restrictions, in mid April ’21 brought with it not only the excitement of tourism traffic again but also the trepidation of the high possibility of Covid case spikes. Sure enough, within a few weeks, Covid cases on Kauai bumped up. The discouraging aspect was that the cases were mostly community spread. While this news is probably a good reason to “keep our guards up”, I am nevertheless focusing on the wave of vaccinations as a more positive aspect.

The optimism of the artists that are represented in Hashi’s Fine Art Gallery is encouraging. The general consensus being that the future is bright and potential art shoppers are “chomping at the bit” to get out, travel and reward themselves with purchases as a way of proclaiming their escape from Covid captivity. The newest video, on our website, is a tour of the current offerings of our talented family of artists. Please check it out. Since our mid April reopening we have been happy with our foot traffic, great attitudes and encouraging sales figures. This latest video is an indication of current offerings, but please let us know if a certain piece (or pieces) interest you as availability changes weekly.

One of the approaches that we are anxious to promote is offering smaller works as a way for customers to purchase original artwork at a variety of different price points.(See our Gallery)

The delayed reopening of the popular “Friday Night Art Walk” has been a big topic lately. Of course, the logistics of that large of a gathering is obviously something to be seriously considered. However, the latest CDC announcement of relaxing of mask mandates is a large step in being able to bring the Art Walk back to reality. There are many Hanapepe business people currently working towards this cause. Currently, the county is our biggest hurdle with Tier 3 guidelines discouraging the gathering of large groups of people. Again, the vaccination rate being the light at the end of the tunnel.

One of the activities that I would like to be more consistent with is writing blogs on a more regular basis. Let us know if there are some topics that you would be interested in hearing about. These topics can be anything from painting subjects and techniques to art lifestyles and influences on Kauai.

Thanks very much for checking out this latest blog post. Hope to see you soon - in paradise!


Steve Hashi

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Imelda Sisneros
Imelda Sisneros
May 19, 2021

Can you tell us more about Hanapepe Art Walk?

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