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Blue Jade Blooms

Author: Liedeke Bulder

Blue Jade Blooms in my Kauai Garden

My garden here on the garden island of Kauai, has been a true sanctuary and inspiration for me especially during these times of Covid-19.

Being born and raised in The Netherlands, gardening and flowers are in my blood. My first job as a young girl was in a nursery transplanting little seedlings.

Take a look at my latest Blue Jade painting!

As an artist, I continue to be drawn back to painting flowers. They are such metaphors for life and death. They bring solace and joy.   “Earth laughs through flowers”, said Ralph Waldo Emerson. “Zeg het met bloemen”, say the Dutch, which translates to “say it through flowers”.

This year, the Dutch tulip farmers have had to destroy or plow under their endless fields of bulbs because of the lack of trade. Even the world’s most photographed Keukenhof gardens were closed to visitors this year and only visible digitally.

Not so in my Kauai garden! Years ago, by chance, I found a blue jade vine at the local Home Depot. To my amazement, it took off and loved its spot in my backyard!

Strongylodon macrobotys, more commonly known as the Jade vine, originates in The Philippines. It grows from a woody trunk and its vines can grow as long as 18 meters or more. Needless to say, it keeps me pruning so as not to overtake everything else. However, the vine is not invasive! The flowers are an amazing turquoise to emerald to mint green, therefore the name:  Blue Jade.

Here's a glimpse of my Garden Inspiration.

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