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Special Art for Special Times

Artist Post by Liedeke Bulder

We are living in historic times indeed.   For many of us our lives have been turned upside down in all kinds of ways.  One way for sure is that it has brought many of us to pause and reflect on what was, what has changed and what the future may look like.    Letting ourselves get too caught up in this obsessive spinning of thoughts is a bleak road to nowhere. 

I thought that it might be a nice thing to share with you, in an affordable way,  some art I created that comes from a different and quiet place:

The piece Nanosecond  was created after an intense week of study with Zen Calligraphy Master Kazuaki Tanahashi.   It is the Japanese enso circle, symbolizing the moment.  The moment where we have everything we need right within us….   It is painted in deep silence and with total focus.

This piece  “Turn, Turn, Turn”  was inspired by the labyrinth and the Ecclesiastes text (also known as the Pete Seeger song). Labyrinths were created in early times for seekers who were not able to go and embark on far away pilgrimages. Instead we find them at churches, such as Chartres Cathedral in France and Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. What beautiful metaphors for our human journeys! The black moths in Hawaiian mythology are messengers from Beyond… They put our hearts at peace with assurances that our loved ones, who have gone before, are all right….

Both of these pieces are available in a special edition of 50 archival prints in their original sizes, 24" x 16" on paper, and 12" x 12" either on canvas or paper respectively.  Contact the artist or Hashi's Fine Art Gallery for more details.

In any event, I hope these pieces may bring you solace  and/or be a focus for reflection or centering yourself in the time of Covid-19.  

May Peace be with you!

Liedeke Bulder 

April 2020

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