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Reflecting on 2019

As we reflect on the last year 2019, we are still amazed at the manifestations of the year’s events. The Art House, the gallery that Steve and I were in for years, closed their doors in May, our intent was to find a new spot for our art, but nothing seemed like a good fit. Opening a new art gallery was not even on our radar at the time. A coworker, knowing my dream for the future, as a joke sent me a photo of a small rental space in the art community of Hanapepe, I laughed and thought nothing more….A few days later I decided to see what would be involved in renting this space, the landlord was super great and the next thing I knew we were walking the property.

Here’s the cool part, Julie the owner of the Art House was leaving for Africa and before she did, she handed us a sizable commission check from art she had sold, it would pay for 2 months rent and that was it, but not only did we get a check from her, but she also donated light fixtures, a desk, and a few other items that we needed to open our doors.

With all this falling into place, we saw no red flags and Steve and I decided to go for it. Seven months later Hashi's Fine Art Gallery is still in business, with the help of artist volunteers who help keep the gallery hours open and displaying their wonderful work as well.

Our plan is to be open for many years to come and add to this wonderful art community of Old Town Hanapepe. Looking forward to what the next year will bring to us, as always in deep gratitude of everyone and everything around us.


Jan and Steve Hashi

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