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Special Showing. Opening January 3rd.

To keep our gallery fresh and alive, we will be featuring one of our artists’ work every month.

Dutch Artist, Liedeke Bulder, will be having a special showing of her art opening this January 3rd, during Hanapepe’s Friday Night Art Walk. The show will run through the month of January.

This is what she has to say about her work:

”This small body of mixed media works on paper and canvas has been percolating within me for

a long time. It is soulful and intensely personal, inspired by a number of things:

Walks in my up-country Kalaheo neighborhood where trees are clinging desperately, roots to

eroding ground;

Rumi’s poetry;

Moths, especially the black Hawaiian witch moth, purported to be the embodiment of a loved

one saying their goodbyes;

Labyrinths and meditation…

These pieces were born in dream-time, where boundaries between what has passed and what

is to be are blurred in mystery.”

Please join us at Hashi's Fine Art Gallery, on Friday, January 3rd, where we will kick-off the celebration of Liedeke Bulder's Art Showing. Light refreshments will be available in our courtyard.


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