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Hanapepe Mayor, Derek S. K. Kawakami, Features Original Art by Jan Hashi

Jan's work captures the spirit of Hawai'i, and the unique energy of Kauai. Recently, one of her paintings caught the attention of The Honorable Mayor Derek S. K. Kawakami of Hanapepe. Mayor Kawakami asked Jan to display her work in his office because he felt it captured the ocean's motion and beauty, in a manner which he truly loved. He not only spoke to Jan about featuring her painting but also offered to buy the work outright, after a period of display, in his office. Upon hearing his wishes, she graciously decided to give the painting to Mayor Kawakami, after being touched by his sincere love and appreciation of her work.

Jan's talent is on display in many places across Kauai and Hanapepe. However, this particular story is a rather heart-felt one, demonstrating not only her unique talent for translating the spirit of the islands onto canvas with paint and brush, but it also highlights her as an individual for whom kindness is a way of life. This amicable sharing of her work poignantly demonstrates that the qualities of generosity, culture, and unity so wonderfully alive in the people and culture of Hawai'i, also live in her spirit, her heart, and her way as an artist.

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